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On The Weigh

From bench scale rentals and calibration to repair and new equipment sales, we can accommodate all your scale requests.

One-stop Shop for All Your Weighing Needs

Richmond Scale Ltd. provides a full range of scales to meet all your specialized needs. We provide sales, rentals, and services. We can certify your scale legal for trade on behalf of Measurement Canada including retail and price computing scales, platform scales, truck scales, and many more.

We have a reputation of providing customer-centric, professional services, and we strive hard to live up to your expectations.

Our factory-trained scale technicians have over 100 years’ combined experience in the industry. We have what it takes to handle the comprehensive needs of the fishing, food processing, and many other industry sectors. Call us for a free quote.

Quality Service at Competitive Prices

At Richmond Scale Ltd. we’re committed to meeting with your satisfaction. We continually strive for excellence and our staff endeavours to meet all requirements of Measurement Canada. You’ll find that we provide superior services at competitive rates.

Legal-for-trade and Not Legal-for-trade Onboard Weighing Systems

Richmond Scale Ltd. is pleased to showcase the Legal-for- Trade Rice Lake TradeRoute™ Onboard Weighing System, and the Not Legal-for-Trade Precision Loads™ Onboard Weighing System as a solution for the junk removal business. Richmond Scale has experience in installing the TradeRoute™ system and can certify the system legal-for-trade.

Important Information about Measurement Canada

If you are a business owner who uses a scale to measure, mandatory inspections are required at regular intervals for certain trade sectors and device types. Learn more about these changes from Measurement Canada’s website. Richmond Scale Ltd. will be pleased to assist you in determining when your scale must be certified legal-for-trade. Our qualified technicians are authorized to perform certifications for Measurement Canada – Please contact our office for further information.

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Personalized Weighing Solutions

Looking for a vendor who can provide customized weighing systems?

A Complete Line of Products

Choose the right scale that meets your specialized weighing needs.

 Scale Calibration and More

We offer short-term and long-term rental solutions in and around the Lower Mainland.

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