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Your Place to Find Accurate Floor Scales and Medical Scales in the Lower Mainland

Richmond Scale Ltd. is the choice of the community for top-of-the-line floor scales and medical scales in the Lower Mainland. Our experts can help you get the one that meets your requirements while keeping your budget in mind. Browse through the page for the list of scales we stock, and if you have anything specific in mind, we can get that one for you too! Contact us today.

Our floor scales are built tough to stand up to industrial environments. The standard size is 4' x 4' platform with 5,000 lb. capacity. It can be certified legal-for-trade. Also, the scales are available in other sizes. Ramps are an option. We also stock indicators for floor scales. Add one of these indicators to complete your floor scale. All indicators shown are legal-for-trade.

Check out Floor Scales We Stock

Weighing scale indicators come with a variety of features. We help you get the one that meets your scaling needs. From veterinary scales and moisture analyzers to mechanical/dial scales, we have it all. Take a look at the equipment we stock at Richmond Scale Ltd.:


Tank Scales Used in Distilleries

Richmond Scale Ltd. has performed many legal-for-trade certifications in the presence of an excise duty officer for tank scales used in distilleries. We can also assist in the approval process. In accordance with the Excise Duty Program and the Excise Act, a tank scale is designed for measuring the mass of liquids and must meet the following specifications:

  • Is of a class, type, or design that is approved by the Minister of Industry Canada under the Weights & Measures Act, and meets all the requirements in the Specifications Relating to Non-Automatic Weighing Devices (1998) under the Weights & Measures Act and operates within the appropriate limits of error prescribed in these specifications.
  • Is installed in the required locations for excise duty purposes.
  • Has all the necessary devices to ensure an acceptable level of accuracy and precision.
  • Is a tamper-proof system (such as a lock on the valve).
  • Is a closed unit to prevent tampering.
  • Is set up to allow for re-examination every two years by an authorized service provider.

If you need scale for weighing alcohol, we can provide you with that too! Call us for more details.

Examination Procedures

A licensee will advise their regional excise duty office that they have acquired a tank scale that meets all the specifications in the Excise Act and wish to have the scale examined for approval for excise duty purposes.

The approval process for tank scales includes on-site testing by an authorized service provider, to be witnessed by an excise duty officer. The licensee must make arrangements with an authorized service provider to perform the on-site testing. The authorized service provider is to provide legal-for-trade documentation. Once the on-site testing is complete, the excise duty officer will place an excise duty seal on each of the components of the tank scale to prevent tampering.

Richmond Scale Ltd. is an authorized service provider for Measurement Canada. Please contact us if you require your tank scale certified.

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