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Weighing Scale Rentals and Services

Richmond Scale Ltd.’s qualified technicians can service all industrial weighing products. They can calibrate and repair all types of scales at competitive rates.

We will provide internal calibration forms upon a customer’s request which provide a record of the accuracy of each scale that has been calibrated. This is especially useful for companies who have a quality system and helps to meet industry regulatory requirements.

Service Technicians

Our technicians have expertise with new installations of custom-sized floor scales, truck scales, boxing systems for the fishing industry, and hopper and tank scales.

Our qualified technicians are accredited with Measurement Canada and can certify all types of scales legal for trade. They are approved to certify Onboard Weighing Systems on trucks that are used in the junk industry, and recently have been approved to certify Class II devices. As part of this accreditation, Richmond Scale has a quality system and manual that follows ISO9001:2015 as well as additional Measurement Canada requirements.

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Our test truck carries 10,000 kg of test weights to verify the accuracy of a scale. Our test weights are re-certified by Measurement Canada in Ottawa on an annual basis.

Scale Rentals

If you require a rental scale on a short-term or long-term basis, Richmond Scale Ltd. has many scales available.

If the option of renting best suits your needs, give us a call. We’re eager to provide solutions for your weighing needs. Equipment can be picked up at our shop during office hours or we’ll deliver it to you. Delivery costs will depend on weight and distance. You can also ask for a free quote.

Weighing Rental and Services

We offer preventative maintenance and calibration programs, and can cater to all your weighing needs.

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