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One-stop Store for Custom Scales and Accessories in the Lower Mainland

Richmond Scale Ltd. offers a range of programmable scale controllers including the Cardinal 825 and Rice Lake 920i. The Cardinal 825 is a full keyboard, touchscreen multi-scale indicator that can be connected to a bench scale or a floor scale. The 825 can be set up with a customized program to suit many individual applications. Richmond Scale Ltd. has a library of pre-installed custom weighing options ready for immediate delivery. Call us today for a demo.

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Customized Vehicle Scale Systems and More

Richmond Scale Ltd. can provide customized “legal-for-trade” weighing systems for the transportation industry, such as truck ID storage and unattended kiosk. We feature the Rice Lake ATS-1 customized in-and-out truck scale management applications. The ATS-1 will maintain your transaction records available for real-time. Please click on the scale name for more information:

Customized Weighing Systems


Load Cells


S-Beam Load Cells

single point lead

Single Point Load Cells

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Tension Links

Level Feet

link feet

Level Feet


Customized Weighing Systems, Printers, and More

Get excellent scale calibration and repair services at competitive prices.

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